Deosai Plains

Deosai Plains

Deosai Plain is a high altitude plain that exists in the northern areas of Pakistan. The Deosai Plains are located in the Astore District of Gilgit, Baltistan. It exists south to the Satpara lake that has got much popularity in its beauty. Deosai is an Urdu word that has the mean giant of lands. It has got this name because it consists of large plains that have spread so far. The height of the Deosai plains is about 4,114 meter that’s almost 13,497 feet above the sea level. They are considered to be the second highest plateau in the world. However, the first one is the Changtang Tibetan Plateau. The park of the Deosai plain has got big popularity and it’s called the Deosai National Park.

The soil of the Deosai Plains

As the plains include large areas of land so the soil is different in different areas. Mostly the soil is rough and eroded. There are large and small stones of different minerals over the entire Deosai plain.
The stones are rocky and some are a mixture of mud. Even the gravel has found with the rocks. There are small and big vegetation over the entire land of the Deosai plains.
Even on the small rocks, there’re different plants with sharp stems. There are several kinds of flowers on the soil of the Deosai Plains.

Animals of the Deosai Plain

There are many kinds of species of animals that exist in the National Deosai Plains. Even some of them are rare and endangered as well. Himalayan Brown bear is one of the famous animals of the Deosai that gain a lot of attraction of the viewers.
This Himalayan Brown Bear has considered endangered now. However, the Government has taken a lot of steps to protect the survival of Himalayan Brown Bear.
There’s a large variety of wildlife that has migrated from other countries and come to the Deosai Plains. The visitors who come to see the beauty of the Deosai Plain feel relish to see the wildlife here.
The famous animals which are found here are Himalayan ibex, red fox, golden marmot, Ladakh urial, snow leopard, grey wolf and many more.

Birds of the Deosai Plains

There are more than 124 kinds of birds that exist in the Deosai National Park. The most famous ones are a golden eagle, lammergeyer, laggard falcon, peregrine falcon, Eurasian Kestrel, griffon vulture, Eurasian Sparrowhawk, and snowcock.

Plants of the Deosai Plains

There are different medicinal and flowery plants. These plants provide many benefits. The medicinal plants are drug resistant and contain antibiotics for different diseases.
The famous species of the flora that exist in the Deosai Plains are Bromus oxycodone, Aster Flaccidus, Polygonum affine, Thalictrum Alpinum, Ranaculyus Laetus, Astragalus leucophore, Polygonum amplexicaul, Artimesia maritime and Nepeta connate.

Unique Features of the Deosai Plains

  • The Deosai plains lie between the large Himalayan mountains. These are the big plains that have spread thousands of kilometers wide. There are small streams that flow near the plains.
  • The weather of the Deosai plains remains outstanding throughout the year. The cool breeze blows throughout the summer season and the plains become the snow-clad during the winters. People mostly visit the National Deosai Park during the summer season.
  • There’s a famous park known as National Deosai Park that has established in the center of the plains. Basically, it was established in 1993. This park is much famous because of its versatile creation of plants, birds, and animals. Visitors from all around the world come to see the diversity of species in the park.
  • Near to the Deosai plains, there lie the Sheosar lake. This lake is adding in the beauty of the plains. It provides an attractive and peaceful atmosphere to the Deosai plains. Sheosar means blind lake and because of its beauty, it’s the perfect point for photography.
  • During the summer season, the beauty of the Deosai plains is worth-watching. The parks get covered with millions of butterflies that bloom over the flowers. Gorgeous butterflies and the colorful flowers provide a clam view to the eyes.
  • The wildlife of the park is providing financial support to the country in many International concerns.
  • Research has shown that there is a large number of Gold-digging ants on the soil of the plains. These ants include the Golden Himalayan marmot who gather the gold dust from the borrows. The habitat of these ants is Minaro.

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