Hunza Weather

May 23, 2019
Hunza Valley

Hunza Weather

Hunza is a beautiful hilly area situated in the Gilgit-Baltistan district of Pakistan with beautiful weather. This valley lies as much as 3’500 meters above the sea level. It is famous among the tourists, due to its several natural sights and is encircled by various peaks as high as 8’000 meters including Darmyani, Rakaposhi, Ghenta car, Ultar Sar, Ladyfinger Peak, and BojahagurDuanasir II.
It was believed to be an inspiration of the well-known fictional paradise Shangri-la. The people of Hunza are said to have a long and healthy life due to their proper diet, and pleasant environment.
The first inhabitants of Hunza were called Hunzakuts. Some long and beautiful glaciers of Pakistan are also found in Hunza. The valley has a near river from which small streams flow.
Right now this place is the most significant place of tourists and the pictures of the valley have become famous all around the world. It is called to the heaven of Pakistan.

Famous Forts of Hunza

Besides its scenic attraction, tourists love to visit this valley to catch a sight of its two famous forts known as Altit and Baltit Fort.

  • In northern areas, the most former fort is Altit Fort, which is located in Altit village. To a research, it was first named as Hanukushal.
  • Baltit Fort has situated nearby the town of Karimabad and is known to be a 700 year’s old fort. It was the only home to the royal rulers of Hunza; the Mirs. Many important meetings and festivals were held in the fort at that time.

Weather of Hunza

Over the last five decades, the weather pattern of the whole world has transformed. It affects humidity, precipitation patterns, and temperature trends. This effect differs from region to regions. In northern areas, the climate is usually dropping. It never reaches so the rain completely stops. Hunza weather fluctuates from heavy rainfall to snowfall and from a light rainfall to cool breezes. During the day, the temperature gets a little better but at night it usually increases.


Hunza weather changes gradually by the seasons I-e, in winter, its weather is freezing cold. The roads leading to the valley gets blocked due to heavy snowfall. There are snow and snow everywhere even the streams become glaciers.
The condition of the weather becomes much extreme so that wildlife cannot bear it sometimes. The animals that walk around the meadows of the valley become hide.
So, it is impossible to visit Hunza from November to February. Hunza is famous for its peaks, rugged and snowcapped in winter.
The tours of the valley become only possible during the summer. The roads get block by the snow and even the ways cannot be crossed easily.
The winter season is not good at all and it causes a severe problem for every person that survive there.


The best time to visit Hunza is from May to October. Hunza weather in summer is the best for tourists because the highways leading to this valley are unblocked. The climate of Hunza in summer is moderate. The weather of Central Hunza reaches to the maximum in summer but the temperature in other parts such as of upper Hunza remains low as well in summer.
Hunza is the favorite place for tourists. They mostly come around the world, especially in the summer season. They have great fun in the cool breezes of Hunza.
The famous restaurants of Hunza serve the delicious traditional and creative dishes of the area. The fish is much famous all around Pakistan.
Even the restaurants remain open during the summer season while in winters due to high snowfall the restaurants remain closed. As the people come very rare during the winters so we can say that the Hunza weather is much pleasant during the summers.


Pakistan has been blessed with eye-catching sites throughout the country and Hunza definitely is one of them. It is popular among the locals as well as foreigners due to its distinctive culture and scenic beauty. Considering the weather of Hunza, it is best to be visited in the mid-year because the climate at that time is moderate.

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