Mushkpuri the 2nd highest hill of Galya, located in the wonderful Hills of Nathiagali-District Abbottabad, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. It is approximately 9452 feet (2,800 meters) above sea level.

Tour to Mushkpuri

Mushkpuri trek is a blessing for tourists. It is an easy trek of 3 hours with magnificent sceneries all the way to the top. The total climbing length is 4 kilometers (2.5 miles). The splendid spiraling trek through the lush green forest starts from Nathiagali. During winter the combination of snowflakes, pine trees and grassy land all the way along is astounding. It is an excellent place to breathe in some fresh air and enjoy natural views. The sound of birds in deep silence casts a spell taking one’s soul to feel the power of nature. It is ideal to be alone in the woodland forest and spend some time with reality. It is the best place for tourism. Also, read about Swat Valley.

Mushkpuri Weather

During spring, it is full of greenery and a carpet full of flowers. The sweet fragrance of flowers on the way sets its quixotic charm on the hikers mainly when the rainy season is over.

Mushkpuri View Points

There is another trek to Mushkpuri which starts from Dungagali. The slope on this route is sharper than the trek beginning from Nathiagali. From the trek this beautiful place to Dungagali down below there is a great sight of Ayubia National Park. The composition of Kashmir valley from top is astounding. With wandering clouds and blue sky, the view is simply mystical. There is a water pond at the top which gives a wonderful reflection of trees and the sky.
In simple words, it is an excellent place for visitors to explore nature, relax and witness the beauty of nature. You can also through TourGuru.

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