Satpara Lake

April 21, 2019
Hunza Valley

Satpara Lake

Satpara lake comes under one of the most beautiful natural lakes of Pakistan. This lake covers an area of 26,36 meters which is usually 2.5 km. The Satpara lake exists near the Skardu, Gilgit Baltistan of Pakistan. The beauty of the lake cannot be denied and the lake is fed by the Satpara stream.

General Features about the Satpara Lake

  • The Satpara lake is one of the marvelous lakes of the Gilgit area. This lake is situated at the north of the Skardu at a height of about 2,635 meters. To reach the lake you have to do 20 minutes deep drive from Skardu.
  • The Satpara stream falls under the lake which gives an eye-catching view to the visitors. People love to go there. There are high icy mountains that surround the Satpara Lake.
  • People love to enjoy here in boating and fishing. You can hire the motorboat and can enjoy the rowboats at the lake. At the bottom of the Satpara lake, there exists a gold mine.
  • The people have made an artificial fairy take picture squad island which is the main point for taking the beautiful pictures. You’ll be astonished to see the breathtaking pictures of the lake. It seems like you’ve come in some heaven.
  • Skardu city comes under the famous northern area cities of Pakistan. For catching the fish at the lake you have to take fishing license there. This license is at the cost of $10 for one person.
  • The lake contains the crystal clear water that gives a calming view. When the sunlight falls on the water, it starts shinning and that’s why the people believe that there’s a gold mine.
  • In the center and the around the beautiful vegetation grows. The flowers grow here and bloom during the summer season.
  • People have made small shops near the Satpara Lake. These shops usually have handmade jewelry and cultural items. People love to do shopping at this point.

The weather of the Satpara Lake

Apart from the beauty one of the most significant things that play a very important role in driving the attention of the visitors is its weather. The weather of the lake remains cool and pleasant all the times.
The climate remains usually cloudy and the cool breeze flows all the time. There is 97% humidity in the weather in all the months of the year. When the visitors go there, they enjoy the natural beauty of the freshwater lake together with the cool air.
In the winter heavy snowfall occurs and this snow covers the mountains. The weather changes all the time as it most becomes snowy from the cloudy condition.
Most people love to come there in the summer season. As they enjoy the cool weather here which is much hot during the summers in Pakistan.

Satpara Dam

Near the Satpara lake, there exists a Satpara dam which adds in the beauty of the Lake. This dam is found at the downstream of the Satpara Lake. It is not all the water but basically, it has concrete faced earth in it.
This dam is the center for providing the hydroelectricity to the houses of the Skardu valley. Thus the Satpara lake has also responsible for giving the 17.36 MW of hydroelectricity. This electric power is enough for running the 30,000 houses at one time.

Benefits of the Satpara Lake

Apart from the visiting point, this lake is responsible for providing a huge number of benefits to the people. This lake is providing millions of gallons of fresh drinking water to the people of the Skardu valley.
People are using water for agricultural purpose. This agriculture is yielding a high amount of natural vegetables thus it is increasing the economy of the country.
The lake is benefiting the people with delicious and amazing superfoods. The Satpara dam has taken the responsibility of the electricity thus it has become a powerhouse.

Affordable places to stay near the Satpara Lake

The people have made a large number of affordable hotels and restaurants for visitors. The visitors can enjoy the trip to the lake in cheap packages. The common hotels are Hotel one Skardu, Shangrila Resort Skardu, Mountain Lodge hotel, Hotel Dewane Khas Skardu and Skardu villas.

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