Swat Valley

Swat Valley

Swat valley is one of the most famous names in the valleys of Pakistan. The location of this valley is in the Malakand Division of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province in Pakistan. This is a very beautiful valley that exists near the swat river.
In this area, there’re imprints of the Gandhara Buddhism but now the people there have also moved towards Islam. This place is one of the popular places when we talk about tourism.
The Swat valley is auctioning valley that locates at the elevation of about 980m. The capital of Swat is Sandhu Sharif however there exists a nearby city Mingora. The people who live here are very beautiful and they speak Pashtu language.
According to recent research, Swat is the 15th largest district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The valley was surrounded by lush green forests that presents an eye-catching view to the tourists.
The weather here remains cold most of the times so when the cool breeze blows over the forests, it gives the pleasant environment. The mountains in which the swat valley lies usually remain cover with snow.
There’re alpine meadows around the valley in which different kind of animals wander.

History of Swat Valley

In about 327 BC  Alexander the Great fought his battles in Origami and Barikot. After the battle, these towns became popular by the name of Ora and Bazira. These towns were basically the accommodation of Buddhists.
There’re still sculptures and architects of Buddhists. Later on Dilazak together with the Sultans from Kunar came here. They named this area Swat. The Buddhists went away and some of them became Muslims.
This all happened after the arrival of Muslim saint Akhund Abdul Gaffur. In this way, this area became the residence of Muslims.

Mountain ranges of the Swat valley

Swat valley occurs between the high mountain ranges. The upper part of Swat is totally hidden under the high mountains and hills. These mountains remain cover with the snow all the time.
These mountain ranges have spread in all the directions. These are irregular mountain patterns that have no direction at all.


There’re two plains that join the Swat valley. These plain come from the Swat river and join the way from Ladakay to Madyan. The plain that occurs beyond the Madayan is commonly called as the Kohistani Swat.
The plains have different surfaces that differ from place to place. The major area is Gullibagh from where most of the Swat valley occurs.


There’s only one tribe of Swat valley and that is Pashtuns of the Yusufzai.

The weather of the Swat Valley

The weather of the Swat valley remains very charming all year. Most of the months of the year the valley remains cover with snow. The snow blocks the roads and so people feel difficult to come here.
However, during the summer season rainfall and cool weather are two most significant things. The tourists enjoy the traditional foods of Swat by sitting here during the rainfall.

Occupation of the people of Swat Valley

About 38% economy of this valley comes from tourism and 31% from agriculture. People of this valley mostly do agriculture. The Gwalerai village occurs near to the valley.
People usually grow apples in this village. There’re 18 different varieties of apple cultivated here. The apples of this village consume all over Pakistan.
The people of Swat grow extremely different and good varieties of peach. You can say that the best quality of peach can be found here. The jams in the market have usually made from these peaches and apples.
The cultivation gives sweetest and delicious peaches ever. The cultivation remains top during the summer season. However, due to snow in winters, the cultivation remains to stop or slow.

Nearby places

Swat valley is the place that gains high tourist attraction. People come here when they’re on a trip to visit the northern areas of Pakistan. There’re beautiful places near to it which the tourists also visit.
These places are Marghazar, Fizagat park, and Malam Jaba. The tourists also visit these places and enjoy the beautiful scenes in a peaceful environment.
There’re also famous restaurants in the Swat valley that serves the traditional and delicious varieties of food to the guests. The taste of the fish is mouthwatering and it couldn’t be found anywhere around the world.

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